Apartment in Ambelokipi

Apartment in Ambelokipi

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This apartment of about 70m² (753ft²) located in the area of Ambelokipi, in Athens, consists of a living room, an office room, a bedroom and a bathroom and offers a panoramic view towards the Lycabettus Hill.

We designed built-in furniture for one of the long sides of the living room integrating in it an existing door opening and ‚hiding‘ the heating radiators in it.

Considering the design and construction of the small kitchen, near the entrance, we took special care to make it harmonize with the living room, since it was decided that it would be open to that space.

Entwurf und Bauaufsicht:
Elena Exarchopoulou

Fläche des Apartments: 70m² (753ft²)

Fertigstellung: 2012