Wohnhaus in Voula 03

Wohnhaus in Voula 03

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The plot of 570m² (6.135ft²) in the area of Voula in Athens, on which this residence was built, has the shape of an irregular pentagon and is located at the junction of two streets.

This irregular shape and the difference in height of approximately 9m (673ft) between the two streets, led us to a solution of a building with an almost triangular floorplan, with its acute angle pointing to the junction of the two streets.

The main entrance to the residence is from Prevezis Street. A bridge connects the street level to Level 03 (living room, dining room, kitchen, square-shaped terrace).

The bedrooms and their auxiliary rooms were placed on Level 02 and under those, on Level 01, the leisure area with the swimming pool.

A secondary entrance and the entrance for vehicles are located on Elassonos Street, at Level 00.

A big part of the rocks were integrated to the landscaping. They also form a natural barrier from Elassonos Street.

Even though the neighboring area is densely built, the view from the plot is unhindered and allows a panoramic view of the sea and the city landscape, especially on Level 04, where we created an office space surrounded by a roof deck. Solar panels on the roof provide sustainable energy for this residence.

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Entwurf und Bauaufsicht:
Τakis Exarchopoulos
Elena Exarchopoulou
Panos E. Gerakakis

Planung Statik:
Vassilios Christakis

Planung Gebäudertechnik:
Ioannis Sygounis

Grundstücksfläche: 570m²
Gebäudefläche: 340m² (exklusive Kellergeschoss)

Fertigstellung: 2011