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Wohnhaus in Kifissia 03

Wohnhaus in Kifissia 03

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The challenge of this project was to create a two apartment house on a narrow plot in the district of Kifissia, Athens.

Using a sophisticated approach for the vertical connection of the floors the feeling of narrowness was successfully diminished, while offering a secluded garden as an extension of the living rooms in the ground floor level.

Entwurf und Bauaufsicht:
Τakis Exarchopoulos

Planung Statik:
M. Christofidis

Planung Gebäudetechnik:
I. Sygounis

Grundstücksfläche: 500m²
Gebäudefläche: 300m² (exklusive Kellergeschosse)

Fertigstellung: 2000