Kleingewerbe-Gebäude in Nea Filothei

Kleingewerbe-Gebäude in Nea Filothei

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The size of the elongated plot and the possibility of transforming this manufactory to an apartment block in the future prescribed the linear arrangement of spaces on a surface area of 8,00×25,00m (26,00×82,00ft), free of beams or columns.

The building is raised on pilotis, thus gaining in height, while allowing additional greenery areas at ground level. This green zone serves to separate the basement from the rest of the floors.
Production (cutting and sewing of clothes) is effected in the basement, which receives light and air through large lateral skylights placed on the floor of the open space above and slanting towards the greenery.

The first floor is used as an exhibition and a retail shop.

The second floor includes administrative offices and designers‘ studios.

The third floor, finally, is interconnected to the fourth and is designed as an apartment for the owner of the small clothing company.

This project was published in the architectural magazine Design + Art in Greece (issue 14, 1983), on Popaganda.gr (November 2020) and mentioned in the book Reflections on Greek Postwar Architecture by Panos Tsakopoulos (published 2014).

Entwurf und Bauafsicht:
Τakis Exarchopoulos
Fotis Papastamatis

Planung Statik:
Gerassimos Ertsos

Grundstücksfläche: 590m²
Gebäudefläche: 870m²

Fertigstellung: 1980