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Apartment in Exarchia

This 40m² (430ft²) apartment was left unfinished since the end of the 1970s. 40 years later it was remodeled by our office for use as a guest apartment.

+Apartment in Exarchia

This 40m² (430ft²) apartment had been left unfinished since the end of the 1970s. 40 years later it we remodeled it for use as a guest apartment.

We defined two zones on the floorplan based on the access to natural light. The zone at the back had limited light.
To change that and to enhance the feeling of spaciousness we unified it into an open plan entrance/dining/kitchen area by demolishing an existing wall corner.
To demarcate the different functions, we contrasted the light white kitchen with black metal frame furniture in the entrance and dining area.

The other zone, at the front of the apartment, had sufficient light.
We kept this space separated into two rooms, a living room and a bedroom. We used color to apply a sense of depth and character to each one of them. The wooden built-in furniture and the grey floor tiles are found throughout the apartment giving a feeling of continuity.

As a reference to the 1970s, when the apartment was originally built, we kept the marble floor in the bathroom and in part of the kitchen.

This project was published by (April 2020).

Architectural design and supervision of construction:
Elena Exarchopoulou
Panos E. Gerakakis

Apartment’s area: 40,00m² (430,00ft²)
Completion of construction: 2019