Vacation House in Mavrendi - Location on map

Vacation House in Mavrendi

This vacation house is located in the area of Mavrendi in the Prefecture of Achaia (Northern Peloponnese), about 4km (2,5 miles) from the town of Aigeira.

The integration of the house in the surrounding, merely touched landscape was of very high importance for this project, thus the planners developed a building, which takes over a rural language, while at the same time being contemporary.

Two volumes, a higher and a lower one, are connected by the polygonal entrance area following the inclination of the slope.

The hipped roofs were covered with stone-shingles.
All wall elements are made of reinforced concrete, making the building resistant to the high seismic activity in the area.

The project was included in the book "Reflections on Greek Postwar Architecture"
by Panos Tsakopoulos (published 2014).


Architectural design and supervision of construction:
Τakis Exarchopoulos

Structural Engineering:
Ch. Kostikas
G. Iakovdis
P. Kremezis

Building site's area: 5.678m² (61.117ft²)
Building's area: 227m² (2.443ft²)

Completion of construction: 1986

House as seen from the east
Northern façade
House as seen from the north
House as seen from the west
Upper veranda
Entrance area
Living room
Site plan
Ground floor plan
Upper floor plan
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