Apartment Refurbishment in Psychiko - Location on map

Kitchen Installation in Kolonos

The challenge of this project, located in the area of Kolonos, Athens, was to integrate a modern kitchen in a narrow and high room of an existing 1950s apartment, while keeping the 1990s tile flooring and satisfying the clients' wish for as much storage space as possible.

The planners reacted to the given parameters by creating a functional kitchen with aesthetic reminiscensces of the 1950s, concerning the selected colors and materials.

Exploiting the big height of the room, a second row of deep cupboards were installed above the window.

Necessary alterations of the electrical system, gas line and plumbing were carried out, while a new space-saving heating radiator was installed.

The purposeful positioning of lighting contributed into turning this room into a pleasant everyday space.


Architectural design and supervision of construction:
Elena Exarchopoulou
Panos E. Gerakakis

Kitchen's floor area: 9,21m² (99,13ft²)

Completion of construction: 2018