Office Building in Chalandri - Location on map

Office Building in Chalandri

in cooperation with K. Kyriakidis and G. Apostolakos

The headquarters of this pharmaceutical company occupies a plot measuring 3.350m².
It is 90m (295ft) deep, with a 40m (131ft) façade on Kifissias Avenue and a second one on Philhellinon Street.

The basic floorplan, which is L-shaped, organises the office spaces into two wings with the public spaces and the vertical communication placed at the hub of the building.

The building consists of a basement, a ground floor and four storeys.

The basement has a surface of 1.875m² (20.182ft²) - 1.275m² (13.724ft²) for parking space for 48 cars and 600m² (6.458ft²) of auxiliary spaces.

Various units of administrative department offices cover the ground floor and the remaining four floors, with a total surface of 3.200m² (34.444ft²).

In addition, the ground floor includes an 80-seat cafeteria for the personnel and an independent lecture hall building, also seating 80 people, linked directly to the cafeteria and through a corridor with the reception hall.

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Architectural design and supervision of construction:
Kyriakos Kyriakidis
Giorgos Apostolakos
Τakis Exarchopoulos

Structural Engineering:
M. Christofidis

Building services engineering:

Building site's area: 3.350m² (36.059ft²)
Building's area: 5.244m² (56.446ft²)

Completion of construction: 1995

Office building as seen from Kifissias Avenue - photo: Dimitris Kalapodas
The building shows a prismatic volume with "carved out" areas - photo: Dimitris Kalapodas
Sculptural detailing of the building - photo: Dimitris Kalapodas
A suspended metal structure with textile inserts marks the main entrance - photo: Dimitris Kalapodas
Sculptural detailing of the building - photo: Dimitris Kalapodas
Emergency staircase on the tip, on the northeastern side of the building - photo: Dimitris Kalapodas
Left: Way to main entrance - Right: Ventilation grille of lecture hall building - photos: Dimitris Kalapodas
Lecture hall building with water basin and main entrance - photo: Panos E. Gerakakis
Entrance hall - photo: Dimitris Kalapodas
Cafeteria in the ground floor - photo: Dimitris Kalapodas
Interior of the lecture hall building - photo: Dimitris Kalapodas
CEO's office - photo: Dimitris Kalapodas
Terrace on fourth floor - photo: Dimitris Kalapodas
Typical office - photo: Dimitris Kalapodas
Conference room - photo: Dimitris Kalapodas
Presentation model of the project
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