AEK Stadium Tribune - Location on map

AEK Stadium Tribune

Back in 1977 an additional tribune for the greek football team of AEK was needed.
The Stadium itself had been built in the year 1930.

The sculptural approach of the additional tribune differentiated the new from the existing structure.
It had a capacity of 9.000 viewers.

The Stadium was demolished in 2003.

The project was included in the book "Reflections on Greek Postwar Architecture"
by Panos Tsakopoulos (published 2014).

Architectural design and supervision of construction:
Τakis Exarchopoulos
Fotis Papastamatis

Structural Engineering:
Dimitris Bairaktaris

Building site's area: 24.416m² (262.812ft²)
Building's footprint area: 885m² (9.529ft²)

Completion of construction: 1979